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Focus on the result


The company ZANDONÁ CONSULTORIA EMPRESARIAL will provide quality solutions, exceeding expectations combined with immediate results for its customers. 


We will work to satisfy our stakeholders, being an objective, differentiated and effective consulting company. 


To be a sustainable and solid company. To be a company respected and valued by customers. Be remembered for the excellence in your services.

  • ethic

  • Focus on Results

  • Commitment

  • Competence

  • subject

  • Transparency

  • Respect


Fabrício Zandoná has a degree in Quality Management ​ from UNIFTEC university center, Post-Graduate in Production Engineering from Candido Mendes UCAM University, Black Belt Certification in Lean Six Sigma, Lead Auditor ISO9001:2015, experience of over 10 years in the area of quality, system  management, audits, training, implementation of the ISO9001 Standard, business strategies, process improvement and cost reduction,  improvement project management.  improvement groups "Kaizen", Lean Manufacturing, CEP - statistical process control,  Core Tools IATF16949  – Automotive Quality Tools. Professional with extensive experience and knowledge  technician exercises  the positions of Executive Director and Consultant at Zandoná Consultoria Empresarial. 





O  Quality Analyst  is the professional responsible for working with internal and external audits, drawing up standards and procedures and process non-conformities. Prepares and revises quality manual, suppliers manual, procedures and work instructions aimed at standardizing quality processes. It performs analysis for planning and systematizing activities related to the quality area in accordance with the policy defined by the company, defining preventive controls, finding and correcting deficiencies that may arise in equipment, devices or machines, monitoring corrective actions, attending to internal audits and manage the use of measuring instruments, among other activities.

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Quality management

THE  Quality management  participates in all phases of the manufacturing and commercialization process of a product or service, from the establishment of norms and standards for raw material suppliers to the follow-up of support and after-sales activities. In addition to the production process, quality management applies to administrative and production routines as a whole, seeking greater efficiency and competitiveness.

ISO9001:2015 Standard Implementation

THE  Standard Implementation  ISO 9001:2015  has great significance for a company's reputation. Certification works as a guarantee that an organization through its products, services and processes follow the basic principle of continuous improvement. Consequently, there is an increase in the company's credibility and customer satisfaction. In addition, internal processes are optimized, failures are reduced and work is carried out with greater productivity. 

Business strategy

THE  Business strategy  it is the mobilization of all the company's resources globally, aiming to achieve short, medium and long-term goals. Therefore, the set of objectives, purposes, goals, fundamental guidelines and plans to achieve these objectives, postulated in order to define what activities the company is in (business) and what type of company it wants to be (mission). 

Core Tools IATF16949  

(Quality tools  Automotive)

At  Automotive Quality Tools - "Core Tools"  are key aspects of any QMS. They are aligned with technical specification and essential material to ensure customer requirements are met, avoidance is established and variation is reduced. Some Core Tools Tools are: FMEA, Control Plan, Flow Diagram, MSA, PSW, IMDS, Dimensional Reports, R&R Studies, Marked Drawings, Standard Sample, Compliance Records, among other documents.

LEAN Manufacturing

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LEAN Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing,  translatable as  Lean Manufacturing  and also called Toyota Production System is a management philosophy  focused on reducing the seven types of waste (overproduction, waiting time, transport, over-processing, inventory, movement and defects). By eliminating this waste, quality improves and production time and cost decrease. 

Improvement Groups (KAIZEN)

KAIZEN  has Japanese origin and means  “Continuous Improvement”, which can be taken into the work environment, family and personal life. In industry, it has the same meaning and refers to daily and constant improvement, with the aim of increasing productivity. Kaisen, when applied in industry, also seeks to eliminate unnecessary processes, as well as waste of time, raw material, etc. 

Process Improvement and Cost Reduction

THE  Cost reduction  it can be understood as a set of guidelines coordinated by the company's senior management with the objective of permanently and generally reducing its costs and expenses through coordinated and integrated approaches, specific measures and procedures, in order to obtain efficiency and productivity gains.




or (1st PART Audit)

At  First-rate audits  Part  are carried out by or on behalf of the organization itself. They can be performed by internal auditors, that is, people who work in the organization and are competent to carry out audits, or by auditors external to the organization itself and hired to carry out internal audits. 




High Performance Mentoring

This Mentoring will cover the main areas of your life, making you a High Performance person.

If you have doubts about your professional career, doubts about which graduation to attend, doubts about time management, doubts about other areas of life such as, Finance, Relationships, Emotional, Productivity in your daily life...

Then this Mentoring is perfect for you!

Your Future is Defined by Your Choices!

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